Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring Training Game

On the final day of Spring Training games, my sister and I decided last minute to go! The Diamondbacks game was sold out, so we headed over to the Talking Stick field in Scottsdale to see the Colarado Rockies vs. the Seattle Mariners.

Our first stop was for food, of course! I opted for nachos topped with jalepenos and they were delicious... until we found a hair on one of the tortilla chips!! My sister carefully removed the chip with the hair on it and said that we could still eat them. We both had about 2 more chips, but by then they had lost their magic, lol! :) Hairy nachos!! The field at Talking Stick was awesome. We had lawn seat so we just relaxed on the grass and got some major sun during the game.

I wish I would have known how fun the Spring Training games were, I would have gone to several. But now they're over until next Spring. And it's probably a good thing considering it just hit 100 degrees yesterday. :-(